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packing tips 0

5 Packing secrets you don’t know

1. Tape it well For a secure box, you should tape the seam on the bottom, and the tape perpendicular to that seam. Pad the bottom of the box and stuff the sides with newspaper...

Moving with kids 0

How to move when you have kids

So you have set a date with your moving company and you are prepared to move. And now comes one of the hardest part — to get the kids follow to follow your instructions....

Delivery 0

5 Things to know before you hire a mover

So you have chosen a moving company, confirmed a date for pickup and delivery. And in a few days later, you’re standing at your new place and all of your belongings are locked inside your mover’s...

moving boxes 0

Top ways to save time when you move

Whether you like to admit it or not, moving is one of the biggest household tasks there is and it can be very overwhelming for just about anyone. But if you can get a...

Luggage Packing 0

3 Things to know before you start packing

Packing is a tedious job. Forget an important item and you’re left frustrated and you’ll find yourself scrambling to find the nearest store during your travel. Pack too much and you end up with...