5 Things to know before you hire a mover

DeliverySo you have chosen a moving company, confirmed a date for pickup and delivery. And in a few days later, you’re standing at your new place and all of your belongings are locked inside your mover’s truck out front. Your movers have just informed you of a list of extra charges and refused to give you back your things unless you pay up. These people you thought were going to help you make your moving day easier have just made your day a lot worse.

These sort of things do happen. So let us tell you the 5 things you should know before hiring a moving company.


1. Do your homework

Research and see which moving companies offer a better quality of service. Get the opinions of your friends to see if they have any recommendations or warnings about  which moving companies they’ve hired in the past.


2.  Get multiple estimations

Charges are usually based on the weight of the items that has to be moved, the distance, packing and other miscellaneous services. Get estimates from at least three companies. It’s best to meet with a relocation consultant and have him look at your belongings and make a solid estimate on the cost for you to transport them. Don’t ever accept an estimate over the phone.


3. Get your items insured

Especially for a long distance move, you may want to purchase a moving insurance. Movers don’t usually insure your belongings against breakage caused by improper packing if you pack yourself. If you want to get insured for broken items, you should always ask the movers to pack your stuff. There are several types of insurance packages that are available, so discuss this with your moving company first.


4. Look at the contract carefully

Ensure the contract states all rates and charges, the mover’s liability for your items, and insurance protection clearly. Make sure you understand everything stated in the contract even if you have to make the moving company wait. Moving company scams are more common that you think, so make sure you’re not the next victim.


5. Check your belongings

Once your belongings are in their possession, movers should be responsible for damages to your items. Look through your inventory list and ensure that your items are in good condition and that nothing is missing.

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