How to move when you have kids

Moving with kidsSo you have set a date with your moving company and you are prepared to move. And now comes one of the hardest part — to get the kids follow to follow your instructions. You might be thrilled about moving, but kids usually hates it with a passion. Here’s some steps to take so you can help your kids ease the transition:


1. Plan rooms

To get your kids excited about their new place, make room plans. Get them interested in helping arrange and decorate other rooms in the house. Take your kids with you when you purchase new furniture. Set a budget for your kids and let them work on their rooms. Try to include them in your decisions so that they are more willing to work with you.


2. Check your stuff

Once everything has arrived, check your inventory list to see if anything’s been left out. Make sure that everything has arrived without getting lost or damaged. And if you have used boxes, make sure that you open a few cartons be sure that they survived the move. Get your kids to check their stuff too to make sure their favorite toy didn’t get lost during the moving process.


3. Use GPS, maps or atlas

Kids can be impatient. Letting them use a GPS, map, or an atlas to map out the trip will make them feel like the trip went by more quickly. Try to get your kids to help plot out routine routes such as from their new house to school or from their new house to then nearest shopping mall.

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