Maximize space for your self-storage units

storage unitSo you’ve done your research and gotten your very own self-storage units. Since unit sizes are determined by price so it’s only natural you would want to maximize every inch of the space to get your money’s worth. Time to consider what items you want to store and make plans to pack efficiently.

Ensure that you can easily gain access to the things you have stored in the storage unit when you need them. And be careful – these are your possessions and you are obligated to take some measures to protect them the best you can when they are stored in the facility:

  • If you’re concerned that the floors in the facility is not clean enough and might cause damage to your belongings then lay down some protective sheets or boards.
  • If you’re storing heavy, bulky things check with the facility to see if they have trolleys to help you move things around easily. There are facilities that offer these free of charge.
  • Always store the largest things first.
  • Put the heaviest boxes at the bottom when stacking them to avoid damage.
  • Store things that you need to access frequently at the front of your unit.
  • If you aren’t sure an item is sturdy when stored vertically then store it horizontally – don’t risk damaging your items.
  • If you’re concerned about the storage environment of the unit then include moisture absorbers, deodorizers or a vermin bait with your belongings.


If you have any questions, always contact your vendors. Here’s some numbers you may find helpful:

StorHub Holding Pte Ltd 1800 337 2000
EBC Self-Storage Pte Ltd 6556 3586
Extra Space Self Storage 6771 3100

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